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Committee Assignments:

Standing Committees

The House Committee on Commerce & Business Development considers legislation that impacts the state's business climate and reviews economic development initiatives. Key issues expected to come before the Committee include:

  • Workforce training and education
  • Economic developmen
  • Tax incentives for Illinois businesses

The House Committee on Health Care Availability and Access considers legislation that impacts health care in Illinois. Some key issues include: managed care reform, emergency room access and health care consumer protections.

  • State aid formula
  • School construction programs
  • Teacher certification and accountability
  • School safety and discipline
  • Special education

The House Committee on State Government Administration reviews proposals that create new departments, reorganize existing state agencies, or change current state rules and regulations. Reorganization typically refers to the shifting of administrative duties from one constitutional office to another. Topics include:

  • Consolidation of the Comptroller and Treasurer offices
  • Elimination of the Lieutenant Governor’s office
  • State procurement procedures

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs considers legislation that affects Illinois veterans, their benefits and those of their families and survivors. The Committee also addresses issues concerning the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs, such as: veterans’ retirement homes, issuance of benefits and health care for veterans.

Appropriations Committees

The House Appropriations Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education considers budgetary matters affecting the Illinois public school system. Measures often concern the funding of specific state education initiatives like school funding appropriations and school construction bond program funding.

Special Committees

The House Committee on Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness concentrates on issues affecting persons with physical and mental disabilities. A major area of concern is guiding efforts to comply with a Supreme Court decision that requires states to provide services in a community setting and prohibits unnecessary institutionalization. The Committee also considers legislation that addresses the concerns of mental health associations like: establishing parity of insurance benefits for mental health patients, strengthening laws to prevent mental health patient abuse, and determining the future of community-based mental health services.